Historic centre seen from a drone.

Christmas lights 2022/2023

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Fairy tales have always opened the door to an enchanted world, where anything is possible, and no one can know what fantastic things will happen from then on.
During the Christmas holidays, our Fairy Tales of Light are an invitation to imagination, to fantasy... An invitation to evoke that dreamy air of magical childhood Christmases. A warm, welcoming, familiar atmosphere that we keep in our fondest memories and that we can relive in the embrace of a city filled with lights and festivity!
We want to introduce you to Gaeta in its winter and Christmas charm... certain that it will be a journey full of beautiful emotions... through routes that develop between dream and reality, in which the places, the art, the history of our city are immersed in a magical dimension...
We want to enchant you, visitors and tourists, by creating around our landscape, historical and artistic treasures, bright and spectacular frames... because Gaeta is to be experienced all year round! A warm welcome to all those who choose our Fables of Light!
A sincere thank you to my fellow citizens who collaborate in the realisation of new paths of growth for our community.
I warmly wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

The Mayor

Cristian Leccese