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Your vacation in the pearl of the Tyrrhenian Sea.


Serapo, Fontania, Quaranta Remi, Ariana, Arenauta, San Vito and Sant’Agostino.

Approximately 1 km of beaches, coves, small inlets and rocky points starting from the foot of Monte Orlando and arriving as far as Sperlonga. These beaches have in common the presence of very fine-grained light-coloured sand, a clear sea and dense Mediterranean vegetation.

La spiaggia di Serapo a Gaeta

Serapo Beach

Serapo beach is Gaeta's main beach. Close to the town centre and the medieval village, 1.5 km of fine, golden sand with numerous bathing establishments, it is above all the beach of the people of Gaeta, the mothers' beach, the sea is very clean, although there are many people but it is very popular with Italian and foreign tourists.

The beach starts on the slopes of Monte Orlando, where the Sanctuary of the Montagna Spaccata is located, and ends on the slopes of another promontory.

Once upon a time there was a boundless dune here, but after the opening of the glassworks in 1911 several tons of sand were used by the glassworks to make bottles, which drastically reduced the width of this beach. 

From the beach one can admire the 'Nave di Serapo', one of the best known symbols of Gaeta, a nearby rock whose elongated shape resembles that of a ship, the subject of legends.

Legend has it that it was the ship of the Phaeacians that, after accompanying Ulysses to Ithaca, was turned to stone on its return by the sorceress Circe, who was disappointed and offended at being abandoned. Today it is a fairly important biological site.

The beach of Fontania

is located in the immediate vicinity of Serapo beach, and can be reached on foot or by swimming.

In antiquity, because of its marvellous location, it was chosen as a residence by the Roman consul Gnaeus Fonteus, and still preserves the remains of the grandiose Roman villa dating from the 1st century AD.

There are two large caves on the eastern side, at the bottom of the one on the left is a small spring from which the name of the beach probably derives. The remains of six large pylons can be seen in the sea, which suggests that this inlet must have once housed a large pool communicating with the sea.

This stretch of coastline and the nearby islet 'Nave di Serapo' has always been a popular destination for snorkellers and divers. There is a high concentration of marine species, including molluscs, cuttlefish, crabs and oysters..

La spiaggia dei 40 Remi a Gaeta

The Beach of the 40 Oars

is a small beach that can only be reached by boat or by swimming, the name of which recalls the number of rowing strokes needed to reach it from nearby landing places.

This stretch of coast is popular with divers because of the presence of several caves with picturesque and evocative names, also ideal for night excursions.
Not far from the Quaranta Remi beach is the Pozzo del Diavolo (Devil's Well), also known as the Pozzo delle Chiavi (Well of the Keys), a cave that suddenly opens in the rock and after a 50-metre drop sinks into the sea. Due to its location, it can only be reached by a small boat or by swimming. Observing the starry sky at night through this opening in the rock is a unique experience!
Another famous cave is also nearby: the Tana dei Copertoni. This cavity has three entrances and a chimney to the surface, opening outwards. The name is due to two car tyres stuck in the rock since time immemorial!

La spiaggia dell'Ariana a Gaeta

The Ariana Beach

The Ariana beach, with its clear waters, takes its name from a combination of the ancient local language: Aria-Sana.

 Characterised by fine sands, crystal-clear sea and the nearby Mediterranean maquis, it is also recognisable thanks to the so-called 'three-dog rocks'.

Distant from the urban centre and constantly sheltered from the wind thanks to the hilly promontory, it is truly ideal for spending a relaxing day.
Being very small, however, the beach is often particularly crowded, especially in summer.

The Arenauta beach

better known by the name Spiaggia dei 300 Gradini (Beach of 300 Steps) because the only way to reach it is down a flight of steps consisting of 300 steps.

The effort of the descent (or rather the climb) will be amply repaid. The fine, golden sand and transparent water make this place unforgettable.

The Arenauta beach is to this day one of the few stretches of coastline that is still natural and wild. The opening of fast roads has made it more accessible and therefore more crowded in the summer months, but in the low season, such as June and September, it is still possible to enjoy the magic of this unspoilt place.

The southernmost end of this beach is known and appreciated by lovers of naturism, who also practise it in July and August. But don't worry, for those who do not like nudism, we can assure you that the area is clearly separated from the rest.

The San Vito beach

It is located immediately between the private bay of the Grand Hotel Le Rocce and the tower of the same name on the promontory.

Here it is still possible to swim in the clear waters, also thanks to the presence of a cold spring, explore sea caves and secluded coves, and stretch out in the sun on the exclusive beach reserved for guests.

The seabed is ideal for swimming and diving, and the sea in front is often the destination of yacths and sailing ships that come to take refuge in this corner of paradise.

Access is only possible through the accommodation facilities present.

La spiaggia di Sant'Agostino a Gaeta

St. Augustine Beach

The beach of Sant'Agostino, still wild in places, is about 2 km long and is characterised by fine, golden sand and a deep blue sea. It is one of the most popular beaches.

Overlooking the bay is Mount Moneta, which, with its 359 metres in height and its rocky walls, attracts daily droves of climbers who practice free climbing almost all year round (climbing is prohibited from 25 February to 15 April due to the nesting of the peregrine falcon). 

'Mount Moneta' consists of no less than 9 sectors, with routes on the central wall and with both slab and overhanging routes that are also very long and intense.

"Sant'Agostino beach 'sphere' in Gaeta

Beach facilities

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Lido La Perla

Street, Marina di Serapo, 1
Beach Reception: +39 0771 46 49 21

Stefano: +39 335 644 8205
Emanuele restaurant: +39 349 723 6058

Lido Aurora La Terrazza

Street, Marina di Serapo, 11
+39 0771 46 64 70

Lido CAB

Street, Marina di Serapo, 2
+39 0771 46 13 22 70 

Lido Miramare

Street, Marina di Serapo, 1

+39 0771 46 07 20

Lido Oriente

Street, Marina di Serapo, 15

+39 0771 46 08 60
+39 333 784 3695


Street, Flacca km 23+850

+39 0771 17 40 095
+39 0771 74 13 44
+39 342 72 50 483